Light or Dark?

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So this morning feels like a lighter day, with a light roast.  But really what is the difference between a light roast or a dark roast anyway?  Well here are the facts.  Light roast coffee refers to the length of time the beans were in fact roasted or cooked.  A light roasted bean usually retains more of the specific bean flavor, and contrary to popular belief, is higher in caffeine then a medium, or dark roast.   The coloring of the brew is lighter as well.

While dark roast coffee’s typically carry a “roasting name” French roast, Italian roast, so on and so fourth,  this refers to the roasting method, and greatly influences the overall final tasting result.  Yes, typically the brew is darker in color, but this is for the most part a product of the roasting method and not necessarily the bean. You can change a coffees over all color, and taste, by the way you grind and your chosen brew method as well.  Making a lighter roast coffee retain some of the same characteristics of a dark brew.  But that’s a story for another day.

Now, just to touch on medium brews, and as I am sure at this point you all have guessed it.  A medium brew falls somewhere in the middle, retaining the beans flavor, but also picking up a hint of the roasting method as well.  I like to slow seep my medium brews, or press to extract the unique flavor that this roast produces.  But once again this is for another day.

Just a little something to think about, as I am too.  Last night, America had it’s second Presidential debate, and this on the heels of the Trump video scandal that has erupted over the past few days.  Watching the debate, I couldn’t help but think, that it was more like a punching match, rather then a debate on the facts, or issues this Country faces.  Yes, Donald Trump said some questionable things in the video, or as Trump say’s “locker room talk!”.  Not sure what sport he ever played, but didn’t Bill Clinton get a questionable act performed for him while in the oval office?  And didn’t he have to pay out over an 800k award for damages for another questionable act?  Who the hell cares?  What about the facts?  This country is going to hell in a hand basket, and all we care about is hear say and banter.  I ask again, is this the best that we can do?  Maybe Beyonce, Jay Z or Kim Kardashion should run for office, at least the America would know there story.

On a side note, I can say that I think the monitors did a very good job of keeping it fare either.  Stopping Trump on numerous occasions, while allowing Hillary to go over her time limit several times.  Seems open mind, and impartial are two elements that we as a people or a government can’t get right either.

What do you think?



Hey everyone, Jeff here. I am a true lover of coffee… and speaking my mind at times, so I just so happened to think that writing a blog about my coffee of the day, and whatever else might be happening on that given day, might be just the right hint of spice others my gravitate to. So here we go boys and girls in the coffee loving world……much to say.

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