Are your Ruining your Brew

Hey Everybody, Jeff here.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ve been under the weather.

Anyway, in this post I want to go a little into grinding, to get the best possible tasting coffee.  When is to much or to little?  Watch the quick video below and decide for yourself.

See, it doesn’t all have to do with the type of grinder you are using, but more importantly the brewing method you are using.  For a French press and typical brew stations, as well as purculators, a medium grind is perfered.  However if you are brewing a nice expresso, then a fine grind will extract the bold flavors you are seeking.

A longer seep, or length of time the grind is immersed in the hot water will also greatly changes the over all final taste of your decided brew.

On another note, and not like we can’t not talk about the Presidential race, less then a month to go and the candidates are surely “GRINDING” for every single vote they can muster for the Nov. 8th election.  Only time will tell what our great nation will have to face in the coming months, and with whom we will face them.  For me, I wish we had more “SEEP” time before the voting begins.


Hey everyone, Jeff here. I am a true lover of coffee… and speaking my mind at times, so I just so happened to think that writing a blog about my coffee of the day, and whatever else might be happening on that given day, might be just the right hint of spice others my gravitate to. So here we go boys and girls in the coffee loving world……much to say.

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