Are your Ruining your Brew

Hey Everybody, Jeff here.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ve been under the weather. Anyway, in this post I want to go a little into grinding, to get the best possible tasting coffee.  When is to much or to little?  Watch the quick video below and decide for yourself. See, it doesn’t all have to do with the type of grinder you are using, but more importantly the brewing method you are using.  For a French press and typical brew stations, as well as purculators, a medium grind is perfered.  However if you are brewing a nice expresso, then aRead More

Light or Dark?

Good Morning everyone, So this morning feels like a lighter day, with a light roast.  But really what is the difference between a light roast or a dark roast anyway?  Well here are the facts.  Light roast coffee refers to the length of time the beans were in fact roasted or cooked.  A light roasted bean usually retains more of the specific bean flavor, and contrary to popular belief, is higher in caffeine then a medium, or dark roast.   The coloring of the brew is lighter as well. While dark roast coffee’s typically carry a “roasting name” French roast, Italian roast, soRead More