Which one wins?

As I sit here with my morning brew, a sweet and succulent Colombian brew ( Colombia Huilu) from none other then Huge Jackman (that’s right, Wolverine is the co-founder of has his own coffee company).  But Laughing Man Coffee is so much more then just a coffee company.  It is a foundation that helps the coffee farmers of third world countries to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship and fair trade.  All of the profits made from the sales of Laughing Man coffee are for lack of a better word “poured” back into the foundation.. A truly remarkable story, and quite a remarkable brew as well.

On another note, as the Presidential debate was just the other day, I ponder, which of the candidate’s do you think won?  I must say, the whole election this year is scary to say the least…..it seems to be the tale of the liar and the thief.  Can you tell me which one’s which?  I sure can’t decide.  It’s a pure joke, or fiction for the non-fiction world.  These are the people that we, as a free country, have to choose from to run things….WTF are we thinking…..There has to be someone else more qualified to be our President.  But sadly, this is the choice that we have to make….the liar or the thief, which one do you choose?  I choose Huge Jackman and Laughing Man Coffee….


Hey everyone, Jeff here. I am a true lover of coffee… and speaking my mind at times, so I just so happened to think that writing a blog about my coffee of the day, and whatever else might be happening on that given day, might be just the right hint of spice others my gravitate to. So here we go boys and girls in the coffee loving world……much to say.

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