Light Or Dark?

Choices are difficult for me at times.  I am mostly a dark, robust, type of coffee drinker, but a nice smooth light roast can be good at times too….  Today I am having a darker blend from Nicaragua.  This shade grown, sun dried bean is a Supreme dark roast, that has a hint of chocolate, and finishes with a snap of bitterness.  A true pleasure in every sip.

Come to think of it, and a little to do with the theme of the day (Light or Dark)…however maybe a little off (color) if you will.  What is your feelings on the whole Black Lives Matter issue that has been in the headlines of late?  I believe, (and not because I am White) that EVERYONE should and does matter.  Every life matters, regardless of their race, color, or religious beliefs…  Where I draw the line is when people use either the ethnic background, heritage, or religion to proclaim a fault against them.  For instance the whole Black Lives Matter issue.  The people that are causing the stir, are causing the violence, and rioting.  How is that solving an issue or depicting their cause. It is just inciting more violence  Or when a person uses their religion, and proclaims that it is Gods will that they should kill others…  My god doesn’t tell me to kill others, and that it will get me into heaven if I do….  Quite the opposite for that matter, Do Unto Others, not to quote any biblical verses.

Anyway, if you have anything to way into this discussion, feel free to post a comment below.  Enjoy your brew and the day along with it too.


Hey everyone, Jeff here. I am a true lover of coffee… and speaking my mind at times, so I just so happened to think that writing a blog about my coffee of the day, and whatever else might be happening on that given day, might be just the right hint of spice others my gravitate to. So here we go boys and girls in the coffee loving world……much to say.

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