Light Or Dark?

Choices are difficult for me at times.  I am mostly a dark, robust, type of coffee drinker, but a nice smooth light roast can be good at times too….  Today I am having a darker blend from Nicaragua.  This shade grown, sun dried bean is a Supreme dark roast, that has a hint of chocolate, and finishes with a snap of bitterness.  A true pleasure in every sip. Come to think of it, and a little to do with the theme of the day (Light or Dark)…however maybe a little off (color) if you will.  What is your feelings on the whole Black LivesRead More

Hello Coffee Lovers ;-)

Hey everyone, my name is Jeff, and welcome to my new site.  I just love a good cup of coffee, don’t you?  Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be here.  I truly believe that there really isn’t a time of the day when a good cup of coffee can’t be enjoyed.  And when tied in together with a good conversation, that’s even better.  This the inspiration behind  I NEED COFFEE. Here I will share with you my latest brew, with a funny story, or a rant, or just a joke that I heard that day, whatever really.  So sit back and enjoyRead More